Sustainability is more than a buzzword it's something both new and established fashion brands must be considering for the good of people and planet, as well as to remain competitive in the market place. Consumers are becoming more educated everyday, asking who made their clothes and making buying choices based on what their clothes are made from. Did you know 80% of a garments impact is decided at the design stage when the materials are selected? Sustainability will soon no longer be a USP, it will be expected of all fashion brands. 


But what does it mean to be sustainable?


Fashion is one of the most polluting and damaging industries in the world and just some of the ways we can work more sustainably are: 

  • by ensuring our raw materials come from a sustainable (renewable and non-polluting) source

  • limiting waste materials in the supply chain

  • reducing the use of water

  • ensuring workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals

  • paying workers a living wage

  • providing solutions for clothes recycling

  • reducing unnecessary packaging


Fashion is such a brilliant form of self expression and I will always have a huge passion for product, that's why I want to be part of the change in making our industry better for the planet and people. 

I can help you to understand what sustainability means as well as help you incorporate this into your business. If you are a small start-up fashion brand looking to be connected with fabric suppliers and manufacturers, then maybe my Sourcing Jump Starter Package will be perfect for you.