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Sustainability Audit & Roadmap

For businesses that need to establish a sustainability strategy

Think you can't afford to work more sustainability? Actually, you can't afford not to. In a 2020 survey by Mckinsey, 66% of all respondents, and 75% of millennial respondents, said they consider sustainability when making a purchase. That means that if you are not working sustainably, then your customer might be counting you out.

What is the Sustainability Audit & Roadmap?

- A full review of your supply chain - from design to production to sales to product end of life.

- An understanding of how your business is currently performing in terms of environmental and social responsibility.

- Review of your sustainability claims to ensure they are clear, honest and substantiated.

- A detailed roadmap for improvement with specific and measurable goals.

Ideal for businesses that are:

- Thinking about working more sustainably but don't know where to start

- Not sure what it really means to be a sustainable brand

- Unsure how to communicate what you are doing to your customers without greenwashing

- In need of help with measuring your impact


What's needed from you?

- Dedication to working more sustainably and a willingness to do things differently.


- Full transparency with me on how your supply chain is running including who is making your products.


- Minimum 3 months commitment to working together

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