You might be thinking, what do I need a buyer for?

Especially if you are a start-up or small business. In brief, buyers add commercial value to your brand by ensuring your product meets a customer need and is delivered at the right time and at the right price. I've outlined in detail below, some of the key areas I can help you with. 


The most successful brands today are those who have a strong brand DNA and remain focused on their customer without compromising their values.


I can help you define who your customer is and develop your brand identity and product strategy to appeal to them. 


For established businesses, I can help you redefine your customer as well as target new ones. 


A strong buying strategy helps build a framework for your business so you know how to allocate your budget. I am confident in building buying strategies for different types of business whether you're a start up, a wholesale brand or a large retailer including:

  • Range width/depth

  • Product phasing

  • Price architecture

  • Margin strategy

  • Supplier and sourcing strategy

  • Markdown and promotional strategy

  • Opportunities and risk


I am used to working closely with designers as well as independently to interpret catwalk trends into commercial ranges.


My strong product development background means I am confident with fittings, fabric selection, colour palettes and mood boards, which is particularly useful to brands with a small design budget as well as speed to market brands. 

If you are based oversea, I can save you travel costs by keeping you updated with regular trend reports showing you what is on the high street in the UK.


Finding the right supplier to partner with is a difficult part of the process, I can help businesses to build and maintain supplier relationships to form long term partnerships which satisfy both sides.


I have worked with factories in Europe, Asia and the UK and I can help to establish a country of origin strategy based on the needs of your business.


I can help new businesses make sense of trading terms (landed/FOB/CMT) and work out which way of working is best for your business model.


Once your product is in store, that's not the end of the process. I can help trade your business which means:


  • analysing sales

  • fast tracking bestselling styles which are due for redelivery

  • reacting to emerging trends by adding additional styles to the range or booking repeat orders

  • managing risk by restyling poor selling shapesproposing markdown or promotional strategy to drive sales further


The Critical Path is one of the most important parts of running a successful fashion brand. 


Understanding realistic lead times and setting deadlines for the key stages in the process is going to keep your business and your suppliers accountable and on track.


I have worked in different types of business from vertical to wholesale, fast fashion to premium, so I can confidently create a Critical Path that suits your business needs. 


I can also help established businesses improve lead times and reduce late deliveries.


Range building goes hand in hand with design to ensure the collection is balanced in terms of price, end use, silhouette and commerciality. I work closely with brands to ensure this mix of product is right.


It is so important in this hugely competitive retail climate, to keep on top of what your competitors are doing. I can shop your competitors and give you a detailed report covering price points, promotions, trends and product.  


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