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Bespoke sourcing & sustainability support for fashion brands.

Feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of reducing the impact of your fashion brand? 

And worried about your bottom line? 

Better Fashion Consultancy offers a comprehensive solution designed to address your specific needs and provide the support you need to improve sustainability, diversify revenue streams and hit your commercial goals. 

Comprehensive support, strategy and resources from the experts, helping your fashion brand to thrive. 


Our Process: 5 Pillars of Support






We demystify sustainability by helping your brand understand what it means to be an environmentally and socially responsible business.


We assess your brand to see where you're currently up to versus where you need to be. 

We work with you on a roadmap for the future with manageable but ambitious goals. 

We support you with resources and guidance to implement your roadmap. 

We help you to communicate your progress with authenticity and transparency. No greenwashing. 

Your Way

Our services are bespoke so after our initial conversation we will work on a proposal based on the transformation we see for your business then you decide the scope of work according to your budget.


You might prefer a light touch approach with our support on just one of our pillars or a hands on approach with ongoing monthly support on all aspects of sustainability allowing your team to focus on other areas of the business. 

Day rates starting from £380 per day. 

Ready to start your business transformation? Let's chat!

Client Feedback

I was introduced to Natalie when I asked around for a recommendation to help me find a new supplier. She did exactly that, and then I knew I had to find a way to keep her in the business.


Natalie now helps to manage my range and stock levels, and has helped me negotiate supplier terms I didn't know I could negotiate. Natalie has not only helped me increase my margins, but also given me peace of mind to know that everything is under the watchful eye of a true expert in her field.


My only wish is that I'd found Natalie sooner, I would highly recommend her.​

 I first met Natalie through Enterprise Nation when she gave a great presentation on starting a purpose driven business. I initially decided to work with Natalie because of her sustainability expertise. I stayed working with her for three main reasons.


Firstly, she really understood the creative AND business sides of fashion. This was crucial when making key design, manufacturing and pricing decisions. Her support was also practical and hands on which kept things moving and meant that the brand was ready to launch by the time we finished working together.


Finally, Natalie was a great sounding board and a source of honest and helpful advice. I learnt a great deal working with her and would highly recommend her support at all stages of the fashion / product lifecycle.

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