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I love nothing more than to speak to groups large and small about sustainable fashion including live radio interviews, contributing to and moderating panel discussions, podcasts, lecturing and delivering workshops and training. 

Some of the topics I have spoken on include:

- what it means to be a sustainable business

- working ethically with suppliers

- balancing social responsibility with profit

- greenwashing

- circularity including secondhand shopping and rental


I am also available to deliver corporate workshops and training on ethical sourcing and buying practices. Get in touch!

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Previous Events:

Lunch & Learn hosted by Enterprise Nation (online)

How to start a fashion brand (watch the recording)

Are you passionate about fashion and dream of carving your own path in the industry?

In this Lunch and Learn, fashion retail and manufacturing expert, Natalie Binns, lays out the five things you need to know before embarking on your journey to start a fashion brand. During this session, you'll gain insights on crafting a marketable product and receive a comprehensive overview of the process you should follow.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Strategies for creating a product that sells

  • Tips on how to build an ethical and sustainable supply chain

  • An overview of the process from design to delivery with realistic timelines

Avoid making the mistakes most fashion entrepreneurs make by signing up to this free session with Enterprise Nation.

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The WIP Conversations: Balancing Socially Responsible Production and Profit

Being a sustainable business is about so much more than your environmental impact or carbon emissions. Being mindful of your social impact is just as important. But how do businesses ensure that the products they sell are produced in a socially responsible way and balance this with making a profit?


You’ll leave this event with:

  • An understanding of how social responsibility sits within your sustainable business

  • The tools to find, select and work with an ethical supplier

  • The ability to work successfully with your supplier and make a profit

Lunch & Learn hosted by Enterprise Nation (online)

Launch a purpose driven business (watch the recording)

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 20.03.56.png

Join Sustainable Fashion Consultant Natalie Binns as she shares her 5 tips for started a purpose-driven business. 

  • Discover the advantages of a purpose-driven business

  • Learn what it means to have an ethical and sustainable supply chain

  • Uncover strategies for creating a product that sell

Sustainable Fashion 101

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Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability from fashion brands, but with so much noise around greenwashing, how can a fashion brand ensure that they are embedding real sustainability into their business and not falling into the greenwashing trap? Sustainable Fashion 101 is a workshop for fashion brand owners, fashion designers and aspiring entrepreneurs, that cuts through the noise and lays out the fundamentals of sustainable fashion.



  • The real meaning of sustainable fashion

  • How to recognise an ethical factory

  • Which materials are the most sustainable

There will be time for a Q&A at the end of the session. ​

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